Sunday, September 18, 2011

Google Gravity

For the past week I have spent some time organizing my iGoogle. Using iGoogle for my blogs makes it much easier to keep up with them.  Today, I was reading Jane Hart's blog when I came across her post on Google Gravity. To my understanding, Google Gravity is a experiment with HTML 5. HTML 5 will make it easier for web pages to display graphical content without having to download any additional plug-ins. HTML 5 is still under development as of September 2011. Playing around with Google Gravity got my excited to see more. I'm interesting in seeing what the internet experience will be once HTML 5 catches on more. Everyone should check out Google Gravity for themselves!


  1. I see how Google Gravity can be fun. Wonder how it will benefit education? Maybe not. What do other bloggers have to say about this?


  2. The idea of HTML5 would benefit quite a few people, especially those of us on a Mac who are flash challenged. HTML5 is a universal way of seeing absolutely everything that the web has to offer, no plug-ins or third party software and Apple, hardware being used by many an education system, has nothing against HTML5....yet.

  3. I saw the code and it seems to be JavaScript with new Functions.
    That's great because we will be free of Third Party software.
    We need to wait first and see how it works, then I am very sure that it will be have a Educational benefit

  4. Yeah, I got distracted by the site! Are there any other examples out there on the web? Do you know if this is more compatible for mobile usage?